Paranormal Society of the Gotham State University PSGSU

The Paranormal Society of the Gotham State University (PSGSU) is the oldes “project group” of the Gotham State University. It was established in 1891 as a study group for psychics, seances, hauntings and other paranormal events.

Over the years the Society discovered many unexplainable events, conducted veryfied experiments with pschics and exposed many frauds and cheaters. Until the late 1930s the Society developed into a neutral group of observers and investigator thruought Gotham and neighboring states.

In the 1950s it went quiet around the Society after three members died along with two bystanders, due to the collapse of Suffolk House, that the group was investigating at the time. What exactly caused the collapse was never discovered but the Society was blamed. Also for the death of the bystanders. The University nearly shut down the Society. This was only avoided due to two influential board members the Society helped recently with a paranomal phenomenon. But the Society was constrainted only to research, ensured through extreme financial cuts.

The 100 year anniversary of the Society in 1991 was completly ignored by the university, not to draw attention to the disgracefull group again.

In the mid 1990s the Society returned to investigation, or ‘ghost hunting’ as they called it. Still constrained to a very small budget the students paid out ouf their own pockets for the equipment they needed or simply build it themselfs.

Today the Society answers to questions for help and travel around Gotham and other states. The university gives the group their head as longs as they don’t draw to much attention to themselfes.

Less Known Facts

Since 2001 is the Society a cell of Network Zero.

Current Members

Russell Hawkins (teamleader, interviewer)
Henry Washington (securety expert)
Tomas “Block” Backley (tech specialist)
Anthony “Tree” Birch
Ana Ortiz (research)

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Paranormal Society of the Gotham State University PSGSU

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