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Gotham City, state capital of the state of Gotham, located on the Atlantic Coast, is the most populous city of the United States. The city, with its numerous corporate headquarters in the sectors of finance, trade and media, as well as several Institutions of the federal government that make their home there, is a true center of the global economy. The citys many museeums, gallerys, theaters and music halls make it one of the largest cultural centers of the United States.

Most of the Gotham Metropolita Area is located on the three islands of Burnley, Robinson and Peaux. In addition numerous private islands are part of the city, the largest of which is Arkham Island, home of the infamous Arkham Asylum. The city is divided into eigth administrative districts, Summerset, Bristol, New Town, Otisburg, Coventry, Robinson, Novick and Old Gotham. With a population of 9.1 million according to the 2010 census and a total area of 307 sm, Gotham City has the highest population density of the United States and the 10.7 million citizens of the Metropolitan Area make it one of the largest urban centers in the World.

Many of the citys districts and sights are of worldwide fame. The numerous skyscrapers, build in the early twentieth century, also known as the Gotham Towers, are what gives Gotham its distinctive skyline, which has become the town’s landmark. The two most famous of the Gotham Towers are the Wayne Building and the Davenport Center. Many american cultural movements that startet in New York City quickly made their way to Gotham. In 2010 there were a total of 160 languages beeing spoken in the greater metroplitan area and approxiamtely 33 percent of the population had their roots in foreign cultures.

After its founding on Peaux Island the city grew first to two other islands before reaching the mainland and the Bristol Peninsula. The islands and the mainland are connected by a network of bridges and tunnels, the most well known of which are Robert Kane Memorial Bridge and Novick Tunnel. Gotham has developed one of the most advanced traffic control systems in the United States to cope with the demands of its enormous infrastructure.

The city was founded in the middle of the 17. century as the seat of the new governor when the former swedish colony became british. The eight districts where merged into the city as it is known today at the end of the 19. century. In modern times Gotham has a great deal of impact on american media, fiance and politics.

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