Edward Brake

* July 4th, 1852, Gotham City, Gotham, USA
† March 15th, 1917, Gotham City, Gotham, USA

After the accidental death of Dr. Albert Cave in 1894, Dr. Edward Brake became deputy director of the Arkham Island Asylum. When Ignatius Arkham died in 1898 he was promoted to acting director by the board of directors. As a memoriam Brake commissioned a live sized statue of Ignatius Arkham. It was revealed in 1899 in front of the main building of the asylum and remains there until today.

After the great fire of 1906, Brake had the whole complex renovated and modernized in 1907. Sadly he spend more money than the asylum earned leaving the hospital in great debt. When he couldn’t hide it anymore from the board of directors he hanged himself in his office in 1917.

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Edward Brake

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