Black Sharks

The Black Sharks are an offshoot of the Black Panther Party, which separated from the main group in the late 1970s to pursue its own goals. The Black Sharks survived the Black Panther Party, which dissolved in 1982, but degenerated in the late 1980s from a radical political group to a simple criminal street gang.

Today the Black Sharks are heavily involved in the drug trafficking of Gotham City and are associated with the Marconi Crime Family.

Their transition area is located in northern New Town and they defend it with fierce brutality. Their greatest rival in New Town is the New Town Gangsta Front. The two gangs clash regularly in the streets of their border regions of their areas.

The colors of the Black Sharks is heavily orientated on the Panther of the Black Panther Party and depicts a black shark on a grey background. It is worn mostly on bandanas or as patches on clothes.

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Black Sharks

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