Benjamin Bodycombe

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† July, 1857, Bisopsgate, Gotham, USA

Reverent Benjamin Bodycombe was the founder and self-declared prophet of a twisted philosophy of Protestantism. He encouraged his male floc to establish a pool of communal wifes and to maintain a strict vegetarian diet.

His teachings and his strict denial of the Nicene Trinitaranism resulted in Bodycombes exclusion from the Episcopal Church of Philadelphia.

In 1851 Bodycombe bought the island of Bishopsgate for himself and his followers from Elliot Teesdale, a descendant of James Teesdale. Although the surrounding settlements were less than welcoming to the newcomers Bodycombe and his floc never caused any trouble.

But in January, 1857 rumors spread that Bodycombe and his followers were practicing pagan rituals and even witchcraft and the already strained relationship between the Bodycombe Farm and the other settlements. In March 1857 a small group of Bodycombes floc were attacked by farmers. As a result commune secluded itself completely from society.

In July, 1857 Bodycombe and his floc committed collective suicide. He administered a lethal dose of arsenic to every single member of his floc and then took his rifle to his head. It took nearly three weeks for anyone to find the bodies.

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Benjamin Bodycombe

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