Bristol is the wealthiest city district of Gotham City. It is located on the mainland north of the city and connected to the islands with the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge and the tubes of the Gotham City Railroad.

The district has a certain suburban feeling and many of Gotham City’s celebrities live here. The best known names in Bristol are Bruce Wayne, main stockholder of Wayne Enterprises, and Alan Dale Davenport, proprietor of Davenport International Press.

Although covered with manor houses that sheltered the rich and famous of the city from its hustle before, the village of Bristol was first founded in 1780 during the American Revolutionary War. It became part of the city in the late 1920s.

Bristol also played a role in the Underground Railroad and was an important stopover for slaves on their way to Canada. Today many manors still have secret rooms and connection tunnels dating back to that time.

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