The Apkanis were an Indian tribe located on the East coast of the United States. The tribe vanished sometime in the early 14th century.

The civilization of the Apkanis is something of a mystery to the anthropologists because as the tribe vanished they took their whole culture with them. Even the graves and tombs were empty. The little knowledge known today about the Apkanis are due to settlements and graves forsaken or forgotten long before the tribe vanished. Although why the tribe vanished is the greatest mystery.

For a long time the scientists believed that the Apkanis derived from the Inca and/or Aztec civilization. Many of the found artifacts and ruins bear a strong resemblance with these two cultures to support this theories. However, in the 1960s scientists found the remains of an Apkanis settlement on Fetch Rock, a small rock island at the coast of Gotham. They dated their findings to the Middle Bronze Age.

This was a sensation, putting the peak of the Apkanis civilization approximately three to four thousand years before the estimated time calculated by the scientists. Also the Apkanis had a high culture long before the Incas and Aztecs. So it is more possible that these cultures where influenced by the Apkanis and not the other way round.

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