Stories of Gotham City

The Pendant

Monday, November 10th 2014

Shannon was preparing a new Apkanis artifact for her exhibition, a loan form the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was a gilded fetish of a Apkanis warrior with ceremonial weapons fixed to a pedestal.

Suddenly she pressed a hidden switch and opened a hidden compartment in the pedestal. Hidden within was as pendant made from a strange viridescent metal. It didn’t really look like Apkanis jewelry and she informed her colleague at the Metropolitan Museum… only than she realized that she felt an odd need to touch the pendant. So she shut the compartment close and the need disappeared.

Shannon and Bethany tried to find out more about the pendant and even contacted Eden Shaw, the last remaining Apkanis. He told them that it may be an artifact form an other world or better a world that is not. And it seems to be a weapon. He advise them to contact a mage when Shannon’s colleague from New York examines the pendant.

Wednesday, November 12th 2014

Bethany calls for a member of the Order of the Splendor to watch over them. When Shannon’s colleague arrives, she was seeing that she wear gloves. But after a few minutes her colleague just puts the pendant on before anyone can stop her.

The pendant started to transform the woman. It grew over her skin and she also absorbed the metal of the lab table, to for an armor. The mage casted a spell but the pendant just absorbed the magick and used it to quicken the process. Shannon puts a bullet in the brain of the woman but it seemed to have no effect on her. But the metalwoman flees.

The Order informed all of its members (human and supernatural) to find her. They set a trap at the main locus of the city, the Freedom Fountain on the city hall square. The metalwoman appeared and a fight broke lose. At the end the metalwoman exploded leaving no visible parts of her or the pendant.

Face Your Fears (4)
An Early Halloween

Saturday, October 18th 2014.

After hitting a dead end with JimmyNewtrons partner Raven, Bethany and Shannon decided to talk to Jimmy’s fiancée Annbell Hawkins. When they first met Annbell she is pregnant. Her apartment is a mixture of old rotten furniture and high tech appliances. But no computers.

Annbell tells them that Jimmy had a job that supplied them with good money and that he would never kill himself, for he now had the money for better anti-depressives and that he was looking forward to the birth of their kid.

She couldn’t tell for whom he worked but at least the general area, somewhere on Tricorner Island.

The street on Tricorner where Annbell usually dropped Jimmy of is a development area with new office buildings. But down the road are still some old factory buildings. The buildings of the Axis Chemicals facility catches their eye. They search the perimeter of the old factory and find Cranes lair. Two laptops, a chemical facility and storage room with two suspicious barrels.

Shannon and Bethany inform detective Marcus Driver of their findings. But then they must confront the Scarecrow. At first it has the upper hand but than Bethany calls upon the Splendor. Shannon unleashes her inner Engagement and Driver how just arrives in time becomes Justice for the first time. Together they behead Crane.

But Crane initiated his plan just before he attacked the two and infused his F.E.A.R. gas into the tunnels, causing the greatest domestic terrorism attack since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

The gas and its effects resulted in the deaths of 323 people and 123 injured. The was in a state of emergency for one week and cancelled all official Halloween events and the Gotham Zombie Apocalypse.

Face Your Fears (3)
Digital Code

Thursday, October 16th 2014.

Shannon and Bethany continue their research into the death of Avery Nelson. They discover that he was the person who initiated the renovation of the five oldest Gotham River tunnels and especially of their outdated ventilation systems. Also one of his closest friends and colleagues, Martin Freed, died some months ago on a heart attack.

Freed renewed the security systems of three bridges from the Gotham isles. He modernized the systems and centralized the controls at the Gotham City Central Traffic Control.

The two report their findings to Detective Marcus Driver who says he would look into it and toss their findings as “gut feelings” to the FBI.

Friday, October 17th 2014.

They came up with the idea, that Crane would need a hacker of some sorts, if he was planning an attack on the tunnels. They ask Driver about deaths in the hacker scene or in other computer related areas.

He came up with Washington Norris, a programmer at Liquid Solutions, Inc., a software firm responsible for the development and maintenance of the computer systems of the Gotham City Traffic Control. He died three month ago on a heart attack.

A second possibility was Robert “JimmyNewtron” Smith, a hacker who committed suicide by walking into traffic. Shannon and Bethany decided to sniff out Roberts associates. He had a fiancée, Annbell Hawkins, and a partner Martin “Raven” Poe. They decide to question Raven and sought him out in his usual place, an underground club for hackers and nerds called Byte.

But to their disappointment Raven seems to know nothing.

Face Your Fears (2)
Tunnels and Bridges

Monday, October 13th 2014.

Bethany is woken by Marcus Driver who gives her a heads up that the FBI is going to visit her. Apparently the fingertip dispenser contained a nerve gas that killed two employees of the forensic department putting a third into hospital, setting of the alarms at the Homeland Security.

The FBI agents interrogate her, asking if she could remember anything new. Than they show her three pictures and ask her if she recognizes anyone. And she does! One of them is Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow. Crane is recognized by the Homeland Security as an inland terrorist because auf his way he kills people.

But Bethany’s client Avery Nelson was not Cranes typical victim. He was not uneducated and stupid, he was well educated and interested. He was the head of Maintenance and Equipment of the Gotham City Department of Tunnels and Bridges.

Bethany is intrigued by this. She feels that there is more to it but can not see the connections.

She tells Shannon who had a fairly hard day at the museum. The first day after her vacation and than she had a fight with Professor Satchmore, head curator of the Egypt Department about the move of the two departments. The fight went so far that the executive director of the museum Charles Emmerson had to intermediate. Later that day she finds an article in the Gotham Gazette about the Clearlight Orphanage, that burned to the ground the other night. All the children died in the fire.

They decide to look into the matter, researching Nelson, Crane and everything related to the incident.

Tuesday, October 14th 2014.

Bethany and Shannon spend most of their time with research. Bethany researches Avery and finds out his profession, his workplace and position. But most of the time she is more or less researching a new client of hers, Charles ‘Chuck’ Taggert, rising football star of the Gotham City Knights.

Shannon is looking into Crane but mostly just finds the “standard” information about him and a lot of theories about him.

Wednesday, October 15th 2014

Bethany is preparing for her client for the evening. It is the Gotham City Sports Stars for Children in Need Gala, a cooperative event between the Martha Wayne Foundation and the Gotham City Knights football team.

Shannon is also at the event. Formerly she went with her father but since he is… inconvenient at the moment she was planning not to go. But an old friend of her Persephone Swank, trainer of the women La Crosse team of the Gotham State University, invited her since her husband is tangled up in work.

During the gala a Viktor Zeisen holds a speech. He is the director of the Clearlight Institute, the head organization, that owned the Clearlight Orphanage. He holds and inspiring plea to supporting the weakest of society, the children.

After the gala Bethany had a… nice night with Chuck…

The Grey Children (3)
Children / Dolls

Sunday, October 12th 2014.

The Order, Bethany, Shannon and Lillian are discussing the situation and their options. Bethany and Shannon decide that the Order (Henry, Peter and Mary) have to stay in the White Mansion, something all three of them heavily disagree about but eventually comply. Also Henry informs the human line of the Order to coordinate with all the other lines, vampires and werewolves, to search citywide for the children. They want to find one of the children to find out about them and what they are planning.

Late in the afternoon they get an address, where to find a child. But first Henry advises them to gear up. He gives Shannon and Bethany the address of the St. Josephine Church in Gotham Village and a key to the sanctum beneath it. There they find some weapons. Swords, axes and daggers with gilded and engraved blades. Shannon chooses a long sword with the name Sunray and Bethany a dagger with the name Sunlight.

At the address they got from the Order stands an old derelict house with a signboard ‘Clearlight Orphanage’ and a homeless woman tells them that there are approximately ten children inside. The whole building is dark except for a window on the forth floor. They get access through a door at the backyard.

Inside it is surprisingly neat and clean… at least for Shannon. Bethany sees things as they really are. The paint is pealing from the walls, the floor is grimy and dirty and the air smells like fecal.

In a common room Shannon sees some children playing in the dark but Bethany just sees the child mannequins in the room. There are some more mannequins in the building, all posing as staff of the orphanage and Shannon sees them as real persons but in surreal situations. The secretary for example works in a dark office at a computer that doesn’t work.

In the same office they find three filing cabinets with the files of the children the orphanage placed, the once that are currently upstairs, the once that died at transport and the files for the next delivery of children. They take all of the files and with time Shannon is able to break roughly through the illusion. Than they explore the rest of the house.

At the second floor they find a couple of dormitories, some are abandoned and some are occupied by the children. They are just sitting in bed with empty faces starring into nothingness. On the third floor is an other child patrolling the corridors. This one has also grey hair but wears a respirator. Bethany and Shannon attack the child. It looses his respirator and cracks like glass when it fell to the floor.

On the fourth floor they find an old man sitting in front of an old TV listening to the white noise. He doesn’t really notice them but reacts to them. On their way back down they are discovered by another child with a respirator and Shannon falls back into the illusion of the perfect orphanage and is trapped in it. They follow the child downstairs and are brought to the cellar where the child realizes that Bethany is not under its… spell and orders Shannon to kill her. They defeat the child and Shannon inspects the cellar. She finds a couple of corpses and something that resembles a green glowing spider web.

Than they quickly grab one of the children and go back to the White Mansion where it is put in a white room in the cellar. The Order and the Splendor and Engagement place themselves around the child and interrogate it.

They find out that she is from Bucharest and that she is part of a plot to overcome the world from another realm. For this to happen ten van places have to fall and Gotham City is one of them…

After a while the child is locking onto the magick in the room and tries to cause a Paradox but Engagement kills her before she has the chance.

The Grey Children (2)
The Last of Them

Saturday, October 11th 2014.

Bethany and Shannon get the information of the other tow remaining members of the mage line of the Order of the Splendor.

The first is Peter Marks, who is currently on his way back from Europe.

The second is a Mary Vorherst. She is a rockabilly death girl.

Fist they pick up Peter form the airport. Henry had informed him that the two of them would pick him up. He also informed the human line of the Order to send out some backup, if things went south.

Shannon and Bethany see a lot of homeless people at the airport but also make out two other strange people that seam to observe them.

They pick up Peter and bring them to their car to deliver him to the White Mansion. Everything goes smooth until the car comes across a burning building. On the third floor a woman with her little child was standing on a window sill.

There is a little argument between the three of them who (and if) is going to rescue the woman and her child. Shannon gets out of the car and tries with her telekinetic powers to get her of the ledge. But the woman gets startled and let loose of her child. But Peter saves the child with a little bit of magick.

After dropping Peter off they go after Mary. She is supposed to be at the Radio In, a rockabilly pub. Nobody was able to reach Mary to tell her about her “rescue”. So Bethany and Shannon decide to take Lillian along to identify Mary. Lillian is not very fond of this idea but comes with them.

At the Radio In they quickly find Mary but she is very reluctant to follow them to the White Mansion. Bethany has to reveal herself as the Splendor to get her cooperation.

At the White Mansion they discuss what to do next…

The Grey Children (1)
Blood Red and Snow White

Thursday, October 9th 2014, forenoon.

Bethany and Shannon stop at Quinn’s garage but Carlos, one of Quinn’s mechanics, tells them that he is not in.

So the both of them decide to take a visit to the Black Witch to pick up a book Shannon ordered the week before she went on holiday. At half past eleven they arrive at the store in Gotham Village. The sign at the door of the store says “closed” but the door is a bit ajar. Inside the lights are on.

Both enter the little shop calling out for Naomi, the shop owner but no one answers. The register is also on and not blocked. Shannon opens the door to the little office in the back of the shop. Almost instantly she smells the metallic odor of blood and gabs a staff as a weapon. She pushes the door further open and finds Naomi.

She lies naked on the floor. She is cut up from her stomach to her neck, her ribcage pried open and her internal organs scattered around her mutilated body.

Bethany takes a look at the room and the body inside and instantly goes sick. She turns around to leave the shop and to puke outside but she bumps heavily into an old woman how is just about to enter the shop.

The woman is violet. Her clothe, her shoes, her jewelry and even her hair is violet.

Bethany tries to stop the old woman and the old man who follows her. But the woman in violet forces her way in past Shannon and into the office with the body. Bethany takes her cell out and tries to reach the police. The old man flicks open a pocket watch and her cell loses its signal. She borrows Shannons cell and again the old man flicks open his pocket watch and the signal is gone.

The woman in violet emerges from the office, white like snow and asks Shannon: “Would you kindly tell me who you are?” and Shannon instantly wants to tell her. But not her name, her title: Engagement.

The violet woman tries the same question on Bethany but gets no result except that Bethany grows grumpy. She ties it again and Bethany slams the door in her face. But the woman in violet wants to see “who murdered Naomi” and goes back inside the shop again followed by Shannon.

Suddenly Bethany has a bad feeling! Near panic! She also runs inside the shop and toward the office.

A little unreal girl stands over the body of Naomi! She has grey hair and two black holes where her eyes should be. She is covered in blood and grinning diabolically. Her hand reaches toward the woman in violet and there seems to be a energetic connection between the two.

The room is aging. Rapidly! The paint on the wall fades and peels, the wood of the furniture withers and goes grey. Papers are rotting and plants are dying.

Shannon fires a kinetic punch towards the girl but it goes right through her. Than she yanks the woman in violet out of the office into the shop. But the energetic connection between the two of them doesn’t break but expands and the shop starts to age.

But Bethany knows what she has to do… she becomes the Excelsior, the City and Shannon, her friend, becomes Engagement!

Both attack the girl and Shannon chops her hand of.

The girl vanishes and the aging of the building stops.

Friday, October 10th 2014.

The name of the woman in violet is Lillian Hastings. That of the old man Henry Keen. Both are obviously something supernatural, Shannon assumes Mages.

Lillian invites both, Shannon and Bethany, to the White Mansion an obscured Victorian house in Bristol to talk to them. The house is as it name suggested completely white. White! WHITE!!! The walls, the roof, the floors, the doors, doorknobs, furniture, ERVERYTHING! Even the butler, opening the door wears a white suit. Bethany identifies him as the guardian of the house, the White Caretaker.

Lillian tells them that there where five murders in total. All mages and all of the same Legacy: The Order of the Splendor. The Legacy was founded in 1894 after a crisis that nearly destroyed the city and its members are guards of portals that where closed during that crisis.

Now there are just three guards left: Henry and tow others. Lillian asks Bethany and Shannon for help, to save them.

Face Your Fears (1)
Of Rats, Woods And Windows

Wednesday, October 8th 2014. It’s an fairly ordinary day in Gotham City. The weather is a bit forecast an a bit of fog is coming from the Gotham Bay.

Shannon is just back from her trip to her cousin Ronan, how lives in Kalispell, Montana. She took her motorbike for the trip and is now taking it to Quinn’s Garage for a little inspection.

Quinns day was a quiet one. But around noon he had a strange customer how brought him a 1958 Chevrolet Impala 348 Convertible. The car had a worn out engine but every bit of the car (even the worn out parts) seam to come straight out of the factory.

Bethany just moved in her new apartment in Coventry. She sits between what seems to be countless boxes of her stuff and is not very motivated to unpack them… on the other hand it’s her new apartment!

Later that evening she has a client. So at four o’clock she stops unpacking and starts dressing up for him.

Her client, an Avery Nelson, is just over 50, works for the city and likes to play wedding anniversary in the memory of his wife once a year.

Bethany arrives at his apartment block at ten to seven am. She steps into the elevator and nearly bumps into a tall, skinny UPS driver who is just leaving. Arriving at Averys apartment Bethany sees that the door is ajar. Carefully she opens the door and sees signs of a struggle. Knocked over chairs, broken decoration and vases, a crashed window… and a little carton box near the door. The box contains a dead rat and some sort of fingertip dispenser.

Bethany picks up the dispenser und uses it to smell the bitter, chemical odor of it content than leaves the apartment to avoid the police.

But she’s followed! She can’t see anyone in the corridor but there’s always somebody behind her. No matter in what direction she turns, she can’t shake her pursuer. She tumbles into the elevator but her pursuer jumps onto the roof of the cabin and tries to force his way in. At the ground floor the elevator doors open into a dark, grim wood.

She takes her chances with the woods and escapes the elevator. But there she was the little child again. Lost in the woods, far from her parents and frighten by the strange noises of the wood. She lays down to give in but than she sees the light signals of a patrol car through the trees. She motivates her again, stands up and fights her way through the trees to a door that lead her to the street…

Some minutes before Quinn did a little bit of easy riding, when in the Upper Westside suddenly a tall, skinny UPS driver steps in front of his motor bike and forces him to make a hard brake. Quinn seems to know the guy from somewhere but can’t quite put him. Than someone crashes through a window of the third floor of the building besides him.

A guy smashes face forward on the sidewalk and a little bit of chaos arouses. Quinn takes his cell and calls the police that arrives several minutes later accompanied by an ambulance. An officer takes Quinns personal data when Bethany in shock stumbles through the door of the apartment building. An other officer places her in the care of one of the paramedics who takes her into the hospital.

There she phones Shannon, who comes to her “rescue”. But Det. Marcus Driver arrives and order the two of them or report to him the next day.

Thursday, October 9th 2014.

The night before Quinn was ordered to give his statement about the incident at the police station. Arriving there he is informed that a detective Driver form Major Crimes has taken over the investigation and Quinn has to go to the GCPD headquarters and talk to Driver.

At GCPD HQ Driver takes Quinn statement and takes notice of the UPS driver when Bethany and Shannon arrive. Driver is quite startled about the fact that Quinn and Shannon know each other and instantly suspects something “fishy” about the case.

Than Bethany gives her statement. She mentions the fingertip dispenser and the effect the content had on her. Driver than makes a quick call to evidence to handle the dispenser with care and to bring it to forensics at once.

After her statement Bethany and Shannon decide to visit Quinn…

The Appartment Block Slasher
Angels come in many flavours

Bethany meets a young girl in the park who, upon seeing her tells her mother she saw an angel, Bethany takes this as a sign that her spirit patron wants her to investigate. She follows the girl do an appartement block in the village where she learns of people disappearing and decides to investigate further. She enlists the help of Jesus Lazlo who works with the girls mother and Kevin Soong, Shannon is unavailable to help due to a conference she has to attend.

Together they learn more about the peoply living in the appartement block and their problems, helping some of them in the process, among them the local youth gang, who are far less criminal then they try to appear.

In the end it turns out the culprit was the blocks caretaker, a man who displayed some strange powers before beeing overcome by the trio.


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