Wayne, Bruce

The Heir of the Waynes


Bruce seems to be a very shallow, hedonistic and arrogant. Officially Bruce shows no interest in the day-to-day operations of Wayne Enterprises. In fact he knows every detail that goes on in every department and every company of Wayne Enterprises.

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Bruce Wayne is the last scion of the most prominent family of Gotham City. His ancestor Sir James Thomas Wayne was the first governor of Gotham and one of the founding fathers of Gotham City.

At the age of 10 he witnessed the murder of his parents by gang members. Since that he developed a strong sense of justice. He studied law and criminology for a time but gave it up when he realized that the American legal system wasn’t capable of providing fair trials and sentences by a jury of their own peer.

So he established the Wayne Foundation a head organization for multiple charitable foundations and organizations, supporting among other things people in their legal affairs. The money and the reputation of his family aided him in this task.

Wayne, Bruce

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