Waxler, Howard Dr.

Chief physicianat the James K. Polk Clinic


Colleague to Harris Southerland
Superior to Juanita Lopez
Superior to Saint

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Dr. Howard Waxler descends from a family with a long medical tradition. One of his ancestors even was the personal physician of Sir James Thomas Wayne (1655 – 1692 first governor of Gotham).

When he was a young physician he worked for the Flying Doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). His engagement in these organizations destroyed his marriage.

Later he worked at the Gotham City Central Hospital but never liked it very much there. When the Thomas Wayne Foundation was founded he started at the Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic and transitioned in 1993 to the James K. Polk Clinic.

He is best friends with Leslie Thompkins who leaves him free hands in running the Polk Clinic.

Waxler, Howard Dr.

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