Southerland, Harris Dr.

Assistant doctor at the James K. Polk Clinic


Colleague of Juanita Lopez
Colleague of Howard Waxler
Superior of Saint

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Harris Southerland descents form a rich and powerful family of Gotham City and is something like a Prince Harry for his clan. His activities and capers made it more than once into the gossip columns of the Gotham City newspapers.

His father planned for him to study law but after Harris was convicted for the possession of cocaine for the third time, that was no longer an option. Harris father… donated… a very (VERY) generous sum of money to the medical faculty of the Gotham City University to get him a place there. But when he was searching for a hospital for his assistants semester no one wanted to take him in because of his previous convictions.

But his father pressed him into a assistants in a nonprofit clinic run by the Thomas Wayne Foundation. So he came to work for a free clinic in the Gotham Village, the James K. Polk Clinic.

His performance on the job was like his performance during his studies: very poor! He shined for being late and his patronizing and distaining behavior towards staff and patients alike.

This changed abruptly one night. He was on stand-by duty and turned up at the clinic drunk and accompanied by a… an escort. There was a shootout between gangs with many injured and he had to realize that a simple orderly was better suited to help the patients than he was. And than it dawned to him how laughable he must seem to his colleges and other people…

Southerland, Harris Dr.

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