Oswalt, Ellison

One hit wonder writer


The fame-long-gone has taken his toil on Ellison. He is constantly hunting for another 15 minutes of fame.

He spends most evenings looking at old videotapes of interviews of him, drinking himself to sleep.

He is frustrated and desperate.

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Ellison was a famous writer back in the late 1990s. He wrote one book, ‘The Garden in Her Dreams’, that was on bestseller lists all over the world for months. Every novel after that didn’t make it over 5,000 copies, less sold. In the mid 2000 he wrote two books about true crime that sold just fine.

The second of these true crime books, ‘The Heart of Girls’, was about a series of rapes and murders on young teenage girls in Bay Springs, Mississippi. During the research Ellison helped the police in their investigations and due to his work a suspect, Jacob Brown, was arrested, tried, convicted and 2010 executed. Only two month after the execution of Brown the real killer was arrested.

The family of Jacob Brown sued Ellison and his publisher for the death of Jacob and won. He had to pay them a compensation of $ 500,000 (his publisher $ 5 Mio.), leaving him and his family in deep financial trouble. After that no publisher wanted to touch one of his manuscripts again.

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During the story ‘Sinister’, Bethany Cohagen, Shannon O’Leary and Kevin Soong discovered Ellison snooping around a house where several murders had taken place over five decades.

They saved him, his wife and foremost his daughter to become the victim of Bughuul, a daemon that feeds of the innocence of children.

Oswalt, Ellison

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