Newman, Karl

A law clerk and convicted murderer


Karl is average. His looks are average, his height is average, he acts average. His daily routines are regulated… and average.

In fact, he is so average that no one remembers him for long.

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Karl Newman is a simple man. He is working a secure but underpaid job. He possesses a distinctive sense of justice and is very proud of what the city achieved over the last two decades.

Karl is a law clerk with tight contacts to the GCPD. In the last few years he grew weary in his job. Not because of the working conditions or the poor payment for it but the criminals in “his courtroom”. They were set free for procedural errors, lost evidence and other “vanities”.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to bring down the greatest Mob family in Gotham City, the Falcone Family. He wanted to force the book keeper of the family, Harry Fraber, to work with the police. Karl took Harry’s wife and daughter hostage and forced him to kill someone. Otherwise he would blow up Harry’s family.

Karl’s plan failed and he was arrested…

Newman, Karl

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