Morton, Obet Prof.

An world renown professor of anthropology


Obet is a dazzler. He is well groomed and quite educated but all his knowledge and style is just a tool to become the center of a conversation.

Twinbrother of Allan Morton

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Everything Obet Morton achieved in the world of science was the work of his twin brother Allan. From his title over his books to the assignment to translate the Apkanis tablets, all is based on the work of his brother.

But Obet is the showman of the twin brothers and Allan was not able to present his work in writing or in front of an audience. But Allan didn’t mind. If all the attention was on his brother he could work in peace.

Although Obets career will heavily slow down after Allan’s mental breakdown. And on his own he will never be able to translate the Apkanis tablets.

Morton, Obet Prof.

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