Lopez, Juanita (J-Lo)

Head nurse at the James K. Polk Clinic


Colleague of Harris Southerland
Colleague of Howard Waxler
Superior and friend of Saint

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Nurse Lopez was never more the respectable person she is now. She was a rebellious child and drove her parents, steady pillars of their neighborhood, mad. At the age of 15 she joined a small local gang and became a real gang bitch… until she got herself pregnant at the age of 17.

Her first reaction was to abortion the child but her parents did not gave their permission. Instead they took Juanita to the community priest, Pater Paulo Gonzales.

He did not threatened her with eternal perdition but appealed to her sympathy and kindness. Showing her different ways instead of abortion, adoption for example.

She chose adoption (against the wills of her parents), but when her little girl was born she wanted to keep her.

She named her Maria Therese and with the help of her parents Juanita started a job education and became a nurse to provide for herself and her daughter.

Every year, at the birthday of Maria Therese, Juanita goes to church and lights a candle for Pater Paulo to thank him (he was found shot to death in his church four month after he had his “little chat” with Juanita).

Lopez, Juanita (J-Lo)

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