Lazlo, Jesus (Saint)

Former gang banger goes Santeria


Subordinate of Harris Southerland
Subordinate of Howard Waxler
Subordinate and friend of Juanita Lopez

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Jesus was born in New Town. His parents where both alcoholics and had little to no interest in him. At an early age he was forced into the New Town Gangsta Front. At first he loved his new found “family” but over the time he saw it as it was: a criminal organization. But than he was so deep in it, that he could not get out.

When he was 18 years old he made the biggest mistakes of his life and that saved him. He was forced by his boss to participate in a drive-by-shooting and killed a young black man.

After that he burned all his bridges. He left his home and parents and fled form the gang. But not very far. Just to the Village, where he shot the young man. He searched for the family of the man to apologize to them and to take responsibility for what had done.

He just found the young man’s warden, a babalawo, a high priest of Santeria. Jesus apologized to the man and was ready to turn himself in to the police. But the man said to him that he owed him an adept and that it would not serve either of them when Jesus would go to prison. Instead he claimed Jesus as his student of Santeria…

Lazlo, Jesus (Saint)

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