Farber, Harry

Book Keeper of the Roman Empire


Harry is the book keeper of the Roman Empire. He knows everything. Where the money comes from, where it goes and where it is at the moment. He washes it and cleans it white.

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Since he became 20 Harry works for the Roman Empire, Gotham City’s largest crime family, as an accountant. He tries not to think much about his employer but since his little daughter Amber was born it gets harder and harder. Even in kindergarten she was the one to suffer form what he was doing for a living.

Campaign Events

During the story “The Night of the 4th of July” Harry Farber was forced to kill someone by the law clerk Karl Newman. He chose a prostitute and ordered Bethany but couldn’t go through with it. Bethany than discovered that Newman took Farbers daughter and wife hostage and threatened him to kill both of them unless he would kill someone else until midnight.

With Kevin and Shannon, Bethany rescued both of them.

Farber, Harry

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