Emmerson, Charles

Executive Director of the Flugelheim Museum


Charles is a very calm man with strong charisma. He has extraordinary leadership qualities and is very popular with his employees.

Husband to Herriett Emmerson

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Charles Emmerson is the executive director of the Flugelheim Museum.

Before that he was one of the top-manager at the Umbrella Corp. But he got entangled in a sexual harassment scandal. He was accused of willingly ignoring sexual harassment of female employees. He was fired and was red flagged for in the business community.

In 2006 he was appointed as executive director of the Flugelheim Museum. And he is very good in this job. Knowing almost nothing about science, he leaves the scientific work to the scientists and concerns himself with the finance of the museum.

His wife Herriett is the sister of one of his college friends, James van der Lyden.

Campaign Events

During the story ‘The Burning Heart’, he was nearly kidnapped and shoot. Since these events he is in psychological therapy for anxiety states.

Emmerson, Charles

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