Driver, Marcus

Detective of the Major Crimes Unit


Marcus always does things by the book and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

In his free time he loves to play golf.

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Marcus Driver is a detective in Gotham City’s Major Crimes Unit and has a romantic relationship with one of his colleagues in the GCPD, Romy Chandler.

After High School Marcus went straight to the army. He served some years in the army and went even on two assignments abroad. When he returned to Gotham City he started studying economics but it did not really take to him. So he switched to jurisprudence only to change to forensics after three terms.

The idea to join the Gotham City PD was born out of a club tour he had with his buddies but he took to the idea.

He is financial independent and uses his knowledge he acquired during his studies on the Stock Market.

He was “stuck” for some time with Bethany and Shannon due to a advanced training vacation of Kevin.

Although he is a skeptic, during his time with the two “girls” he saw some things that made his believes struggle and his work a lot more harder because there was very little “by the books” about the… “cases” he worked with them.

Driver, Marcus

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