A high profile criminal and sociopath


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Diogenes is a ghost! An urban legend of the criminal underworld! Every criminal wants to work with him, for his jobs always are very lucrative but no one wants to work with him, for everyone who have seen him are dead.

The police doubt the existence of Diogenes because there are no clues that prove his involvement in any crime.

Campaign Events

During the story ‘The Burning Heart’, Shannon encountered Diogenes at her workplace. He was posing there as a Richard Green, professor of geology for four years. He wanted to steal the Burning Heart, a rare red diamond with the shape of a heart. He had planned the robbery thoroughly. What he didn’t consider was that the stone was too valuable to exhibit the real stone. The insurance simply wouldn’t allow it.

So he switched to not very elegant plan B. He wanted to kidnap Charles Emmerson, the head curator of the Flugelheim Museum, to get into the vault where the Burning Heart was kept.

What plan B didn’t involve was Shannon, waiting in Emmersons office…


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