Dent, Miranda Dr. (Ice Queen)

Doctor of biology and physic at S.T.A.R. Labs


Miranda is a born Freeze.

Wife of Harvey Dent

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Miranda is the daughter of the mass murderer Dr. Victor Freeze. Dr. Freeze killed the people (mostly executive employees of the Umbrella Corp., the company he worked for at the time), he thought responsible for the death of his wife. He used his work, cryogenics, to kill his victims.

She continues the work of her father in cryogenics and was nicknamed ‘Ice Queen’ by the media. She works for S.T.A.R. Labs and not for Umbrella and used the records of her father for her work. Umbrella sued her for that, because the findings of Dr. Freeze research was property of the company. The court did not accede the lawsuit, for Mirandas work was just based on her fathers work.

In May 2014 she had a miscarriage after a robbery during a charity gala at the Flugelheim Museum.

Dent, Miranda Dr. (Ice Queen)

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