Davenport, Josuae Devlin (J. Devlin)

J. Devlin is... well... ahm... the son of Alan Dale Davenport


Devlin is arrogant, selfish, pompous and ignorant. He never really worked a day in his life and never took responsibility for his actions. He sees everyone below a certain pay grade as below his dignity and treats his employees like dirt.

His conversation are shallow and often downright awkward, but thinks of himself as brilliant and amusing. Most people find him very irritating but everyone is polite to him, for he is the son of one of the most influential persons in Gotham City.

J. Devlin is the son of Alan Dale Davenport

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J. Devlin is the typical spoiled, rich kid. He spend lots of his fathers money on anything he could buy, spend time in prison and counted always on his father to pay for his troubles. He was thrown out of several expensive private schools and got his college degree on a community college only because his father paid for it.

Since than he hasn’t much changed. He is stuck in a job in the company of his father in witch he can’t do much damage, he still spends his fathers money and is every now and than in gossip columns of Gotham City’s newspapers (and many of stories his father buries with money).

Davenport, Josuae Devlin (J. Devlin)

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