Cobblepot, Oswald Chesterfield (The Penguin)

Owner of the 'IceBerg Casino' and notorious informationbroker


Cobblepot is a very… displeasing man. He is short, scrawny, not very attractive and somehow disgusting. He exclusively wears tailored suits, but except their price they look somehow shabby on him.

His nickname ‘The Penguin’ came from the 1920s/1930s tailcoats he loves to wear. But no one should not call him Penguin to the face! He… just doesn’t… well… like it…

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Oswald is the last scion of one of the oldest and once very influential families of Gotham City.

It is rumored that he has ties to several crime syndicates in Gotham. His trade is foremost information and for the right price he sells to anyone, police and criminals alike. As payment he accepts not just money, but also valuable information or favors. He is known to sell these information for the highest bitter and only once!

In 2009 he opened the doors of his most ambitious, personal project: The Iceberg Casino. A gigantic and glamorous casino in the Gotham Bay. Rumor has it that all of Cobblepots financial resources are frozen in this venture.

Cobblepot, Oswald Chesterfield (The Penguin)

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