Carlyle, Mathew

High school dropout


Mathew is just over 16 years old. He is curte, charming and quite persuasive, his smile simply disarming. He seems always to know what he wants and he knows the way to get it.

He is a cousin of Bethany Cohagen. He is the son of her mothers brother.

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Mathew was born and raised in South Charles Shore. His parents own a small but very exclusive restaurant in the town. He is an all American boy. He is straight average at school, playes first base at his high school Baseball team and is very popular with the girls.

So it was very surprising for his friends and family when he ran away. He went to Gotham City to his cousin Bethany. She informed his partents where he was and promised them to have an eye on him. He didn’t tell anyone as to why he ran away, even to his cousin. He just told her that he wanted to work and that school was a waste of time.

As for now he moved with her into her new apartment, looking for a job or just working. At the moment he works at a Coffe Shop in the City Hall District.

… and than he brought a… friend with him home…

Carlyle, Mathew

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