Bughuul, the Eater of Children

If you see him, you are already lost!


Bughuul is a old malicious Babylonian possessing demon. Very little is known of him but the fragments of stories that have survived, all revolve around him needing the souls of human children to survive. Each story involves a different way in that he lures or tricks children away from the physical world to trap them in his own to consume their souls over time.

Historians assume that any worship of Bughuul would include a blood sacrifice or the wholesale eating of a child. But there is no certainty of that because almost every record involvin Bughuul where destroid by early Christians.

They believed that Bughuul actually lived in the images of himslef and that they were gateways into his realm. The ancient church belived that he would take possession of those who saw the images and cause them to do terrible things, or in some cases he could even abduct the viewer into the images themselves. Children exposed to the images were especially vulnerable to Bughuul possession and/or abduction. Today there are only three known depictions of Bughuul left.

The first is an early 16th century engraving found as a reprint in Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt’s ‘Unaussprechliche Kulte’, Düsseldorf, Germany 1839 (the English translations, ‘Nameless Cults’, from 1843 and 1845 do not include this engraving). It depicts a family (father, mother and two children) burned alive at the stake, while a third child is struck down by a giant scorpion.

The second image is a late a late 15th century scetch found in Ludwig Prinn’s ‘De Vermis Mysteriis’, Cologne, Germany 1484 (it is only included in the Latin original version of the book and in non of the translations). It depict a family (father, mother and a child) drowning in a lake with weights tied to there feet. A second child is devoured by a giant snake.

The third is an 3000 years old fragmented, deteriorated fresco found in 1944 by an British expedition in ruins of an old settlement on a high plateau at the Himalaya. The exact location of the high plateau is lost but not the fotos the members of the expedition took of the fresco. The fresco depicts several people (men, women and children) hung form a tree on their own intestines. At the feet of the tree a child is devoured by a lage black wolf.

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During the story ‘Sinister’, Bethany Cohagen, Shannon O’Leary and Kevin Soong came across the real crime author Ellison Oswalt. They soon discovered that Bollards little daughter was the target of Bughuul and rescued her form him, pushing him back into the oblivion of time…

Or did they?

Bughuul, the Eater of Children

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