Brown, Andrew Dr. (Andy)

Genius and doctor of geology


At first glance Andy seems to be an arrogant asshole, that looks down on people with an IQ lower his. He is rough a blunt but to all people. If you get past that and get to know him better he is actually a nice guy that his friends can rely on.

He likes to party… a lot! At the university he got the nickname ‘The Party-Professor’.

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Andy grew up in New Town, his mother was an alcoholic and his father left them while he was still a toddler. When he turned 5 his grandmother, Grace Foxworthy, took custody of him. While he still lived in New Town he had now her to watch over him.

She also fosterd his intrests as it turned out that he had a above-average IQ. Almost all of her savings went into Andys education.

At the age of 17 he receive a doctor’s degree in biology, at 18 a second in geology and at 19 a third in physics. As for now he is working on his habilitation in geology.

He works as a geologist and physicist at S.T.A.R. Labs and as a lecturer of geology at the Gotham State University.

Until 2009 he supported his grandmother financially, than she was hurt during a drive-by-shooting. Since than she lies in a coma.

Campaign Events

During the story ‘The Lost Child’, Bethany Cohagen, Shannon O’Leary and Kevin Soong sought him out to get some information about the Wachsler Pond at the Robinson Park.

Brown, Andrew Dr. (Andy)

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