Birch, Anthony (Tree)

The Ghost Magnet


Colleague of Tomas Backley
Colleague of Russell Hawkins
Colleague of Ana Ortiz
Colleague/boyfriend of Henry Washington

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Tree was born in a backwater town in Texas. He was blessed with a high IQ, but his parents, especially his father, didn’t think of to foster it. Since an early age Trees interests lay in poetry, art and music, skill his father didn’t appreciate and thought futile (a point of view he regularly beat into Anthony), for his son would one day take over his farm (or better the spit of dirt he called a farm).

So Tony was stuck on his fathers “farm”… until his grandmother died and left him a smal heritage that allowed him to leave his parents and to go as far away from the “farm” as he could.

He went to Gotham City and enlisted at the Gotham City State University.

Tony is part of the Network Zero. His cell is the Paranormal Society of the Gotham State University.

He is responsible vor research. While his colleague Ana investigates the hard facts of a place the Society surveys, his job is it to uncover the paranormal lowdown of it and to review it.

Birch, Anthony (Tree)

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