Bennedict, Charles (Brother Janus)

Abbot of the Order of the Splendor


Charlie is mentaly highly unstable. He has drastic and violent mood swings with wild psychotic outbreaks. Due to this he got his ordained name Janus.

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Until 1994 Charlie was convicted to a mental institution but was released due to the Civil Rights Act. He lived with his parents for four years after that. But his parents didn’t had the recources to fincance his medication and got into debts trying to. At least Charlie was their only son. First he cut short on his medicine, than ran out and his mental condition grew worse by the day

In 1998 he left his childhood home to live on the streets to unburden his parents of him.

He found the Order of the Splendor in 2000 and followed him into the depths of the underground of Gotham City. He became abbot of the Order in 2010.

He never thought he would met the Splendor ever in person!

Bennedict, Charles (Brother Janus)

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