Ghost at the Flugelheim Museum

Ghost at the Flugelheim Museum


The apparition resembles a man with long dark brown hair and brown eyes dressed in black robes with red and white applications from the 16. century.

It seems to be very shy, for non of the employees of the museum has seen him for more than few seconds. Most of the time it is just a flicker in the corner of the eye or fast passing shadow in a mirror.

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This apparition haunts the halls of the Flugelheim Museum. Seen by very few of the employees, it seems to roam the exhibition rooms around the Local Artists Hall.

Some employees claim that it was there since the opening of the museum in 1842. Most of the older employees refuse this statement since nobody seems to have seen it befor 2001, after the explosion destroyed the Locas Artists Hall. One thesis is that it was, besides its antiquated clothing, the bomber who died during the explosion.

Campaign Events

Shannon O’Leary and Bethany Cohagen discovered the ghost in the Local Artists Hall, jumping in and out and between mirrors. They tried to talk to him and discovered that he was behind a massive theft of old, priceless uncataloged specimens of the Biological Department of the museum. He apparently ate them. He needed to ate them and he apparently needs rotten meat to keep himself ‘alive’.

During their conversation, Shannon and Bethany gained the impression that he thinks of himself as two persons, one of them he seemed to dislike.

Ghost at the Flugelheim Museum

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