Stories of Gotham City

The Pendant

Monday, November 10th 2014

Shannon was preparing a new Apkanis artifact for her exhibition, a loan form the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was a gilded fetish of a Apkanis warrior with ceremonial weapons fixed to a pedestal.

Suddenly she pressed a hidden switch and opened a hidden compartment in the pedestal. Hidden within was as pendant made from a strange viridescent metal. It didn’t really look like Apkanis jewelry and she informed her colleague at the Metropolitan Museum… only than she realized that she felt an odd need to touch the pendant. So she shut the compartment close and the need disappeared.

Shannon and Bethany tried to find out more about the pendant and even contacted Eden Shaw, the last remaining Apkanis. He told them that it may be an artifact form an other world or better a world that is not. And it seems to be a weapon. He advise them to contact a mage when Shannon’s colleague from New York examines the pendant.

Wednesday, November 12th 2014

Bethany calls for a member of the Order of the Splendor to watch over them. When Shannon’s colleague arrives, she was seeing that she wear gloves. But after a few minutes her colleague just puts the pendant on before anyone can stop her.

The pendant started to transform the woman. It grew over her skin and she also absorbed the metal of the lab table, to for an armor. The mage casted a spell but the pendant just absorbed the magick and used it to quicken the process. Shannon puts a bullet in the brain of the woman but it seemed to have no effect on her. But the metalwoman flees.

The Order informed all of its members (human and supernatural) to find her. They set a trap at the main locus of the city, the Freedom Fountain on the city hall square. The metalwoman appeared and a fight broke lose. At the end the metalwoman exploded leaving no visible parts of her or the pendant.


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