Stories of Gotham City

The Grey Children (3)

Children / Dolls

Sunday, October 12th 2014.

The Order, Bethany, Shannon and Lillian are discussing the situation and their options. Bethany and Shannon decide that the Order (Henry, Peter and Mary) have to stay in the White Mansion, something all three of them heavily disagree about but eventually comply. Also Henry informs the human line of the Order to coordinate with all the other lines, vampires and werewolves, to search citywide for the children. They want to find one of the children to find out about them and what they are planning.

Late in the afternoon they get an address, where to find a child. But first Henry advises them to gear up. He gives Shannon and Bethany the address of the St. Josephine Church in Gotham Village and a key to the sanctum beneath it. There they find some weapons. Swords, axes and daggers with gilded and engraved blades. Shannon chooses a long sword with the name Sunray and Bethany a dagger with the name Sunlight.

At the address they got from the Order stands an old derelict house with a signboard ‘Clearlight Orphanage’ and a homeless woman tells them that there are approximately ten children inside. The whole building is dark except for a window on the forth floor. They get access through a door at the backyard.

Inside it is surprisingly neat and clean… at least for Shannon. Bethany sees things as they really are. The paint is pealing from the walls, the floor is grimy and dirty and the air smells like fecal.

In a common room Shannon sees some children playing in the dark but Bethany just sees the child mannequins in the room. There are some more mannequins in the building, all posing as staff of the orphanage and Shannon sees them as real persons but in surreal situations. The secretary for example works in a dark office at a computer that doesn’t work.

In the same office they find three filing cabinets with the files of the children the orphanage placed, the once that are currently upstairs, the once that died at transport and the files for the next delivery of children. They take all of the files and with time Shannon is able to break roughly through the illusion. Than they explore the rest of the house.

At the second floor they find a couple of dormitories, some are abandoned and some are occupied by the children. They are just sitting in bed with empty faces starring into nothingness. On the third floor is an other child patrolling the corridors. This one has also grey hair but wears a respirator. Bethany and Shannon attack the child. It looses his respirator and cracks like glass when it fell to the floor.

On the fourth floor they find an old man sitting in front of an old TV listening to the white noise. He doesn’t really notice them but reacts to them. On their way back down they are discovered by another child with a respirator and Shannon falls back into the illusion of the perfect orphanage and is trapped in it. They follow the child downstairs and are brought to the cellar where the child realizes that Bethany is not under its… spell and orders Shannon to kill her. They defeat the child and Shannon inspects the cellar. She finds a couple of corpses and something that resembles a green glowing spider web.

Than they quickly grab one of the children and go back to the White Mansion where it is put in a white room in the cellar. The Order and the Splendor and Engagement place themselves around the child and interrogate it.

They find out that she is from Bucharest and that she is part of a plot to overcome the world from another realm. For this to happen ten van places have to fall and Gotham City is one of them…

After a while the child is locking onto the magick in the room and tries to cause a Paradox but Engagement kills her before she has the chance.


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