Stories of Gotham City

The Grey Children (2)

The Last of Them

Saturday, October 11th 2014.

Bethany and Shannon get the information of the other tow remaining members of the mage line of the Order of the Splendor.

The first is Peter Marks, who is currently on his way back from Europe.

The second is a Mary Vorherst. She is a rockabilly death girl.

Fist they pick up Peter form the airport. Henry had informed him that the two of them would pick him up. He also informed the human line of the Order to send out some backup, if things went south.

Shannon and Bethany see a lot of homeless people at the airport but also make out two other strange people that seam to observe them.

They pick up Peter and bring them to their car to deliver him to the White Mansion. Everything goes smooth until the car comes across a burning building. On the third floor a woman with her little child was standing on a window sill.

There is a little argument between the three of them who (and if) is going to rescue the woman and her child. Shannon gets out of the car and tries with her telekinetic powers to get her of the ledge. But the woman gets startled and let loose of her child. But Peter saves the child with a little bit of magick.

After dropping Peter off they go after Mary. She is supposed to be at the Radio In, a rockabilly pub. Nobody was able to reach Mary to tell her about her “rescue”. So Bethany and Shannon decide to take Lillian along to identify Mary. Lillian is not very fond of this idea but comes with them.

At the Radio In they quickly find Mary but she is very reluctant to follow them to the White Mansion. Bethany has to reveal herself as the Splendor to get her cooperation.

At the White Mansion they discuss what to do next…


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