Stories of Gotham City

The Grey Children (1)

Blood Red and Snow White

Thursday, October 9th 2014, forenoon.

Bethany and Shannon stop at Quinn’s garage but Carlos, one of Quinn’s mechanics, tells them that he is not in.

So the both of them decide to take a visit to the Black Witch to pick up a book Shannon ordered the week before she went on holiday. At half past eleven they arrive at the store in Gotham Village. The sign at the door of the store says “closed” but the door is a bit ajar. Inside the lights are on.

Both enter the little shop calling out for Naomi, the shop owner but no one answers. The register is also on and not blocked. Shannon opens the door to the little office in the back of the shop. Almost instantly she smells the metallic odor of blood and gabs a staff as a weapon. She pushes the door further open and finds Naomi.

She lies naked on the floor. She is cut up from her stomach to her neck, her ribcage pried open and her internal organs scattered around her mutilated body.

Bethany takes a look at the room and the body inside and instantly goes sick. She turns around to leave the shop and to puke outside but she bumps heavily into an old woman how is just about to enter the shop.

The woman is violet. Her clothe, her shoes, her jewelry and even her hair is violet.

Bethany tries to stop the old woman and the old man who follows her. But the woman in violet forces her way in past Shannon and into the office with the body. Bethany takes her cell out and tries to reach the police. The old man flicks open a pocket watch and her cell loses its signal. She borrows Shannons cell and again the old man flicks open his pocket watch and the signal is gone.

The woman in violet emerges from the office, white like snow and asks Shannon: “Would you kindly tell me who you are?” and Shannon instantly wants to tell her. But not her name, her title: Engagement.

The violet woman tries the same question on Bethany but gets no result except that Bethany grows grumpy. She ties it again and Bethany slams the door in her face. But the woman in violet wants to see “who murdered Naomi” and goes back inside the shop again followed by Shannon.

Suddenly Bethany has a bad feeling! Near panic! She also runs inside the shop and toward the office.

A little unreal girl stands over the body of Naomi! She has grey hair and two black holes where her eyes should be. She is covered in blood and grinning diabolically. Her hand reaches toward the woman in violet and there seems to be a energetic connection between the two.

The room is aging. Rapidly! The paint on the wall fades and peels, the wood of the furniture withers and goes grey. Papers are rotting and plants are dying.

Shannon fires a kinetic punch towards the girl but it goes right through her. Than she yanks the woman in violet out of the office into the shop. But the energetic connection between the two of them doesn’t break but expands and the shop starts to age.

But Bethany knows what she has to do… she becomes the Excelsior, the City and Shannon, her friend, becomes Engagement!

Both attack the girl and Shannon chops her hand of.

The girl vanishes and the aging of the building stops.

Friday, October 10th 2014.

The name of the woman in violet is Lillian Hastings. That of the old man Henry Keen. Both are obviously something supernatural, Shannon assumes Mages.

Lillian invites both, Shannon and Bethany, to the White Mansion an obscured Victorian house in Bristol to talk to them. The house is as it name suggested completely white. White! WHITE!!! The walls, the roof, the floors, the doors, doorknobs, furniture, ERVERYTHING! Even the butler, opening the door wears a white suit. Bethany identifies him as the guardian of the house, the White Caretaker.

Lillian tells them that there where five murders in total. All mages and all of the same Legacy: The Order of the Splendor. The Legacy was founded in 1894 after a crisis that nearly destroyed the city and its members are guards of portals that where closed during that crisis.

Now there are just three guards left: Henry and tow others. Lillian asks Bethany and Shannon for help, to save them.


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