Stories of Gotham City

The Appartment Block Slasher

Angels come in many flavours

Bethany meets a young girl in the park who, upon seeing her tells her mother she saw an angel, Bethany takes this as a sign that her spirit patron wants her to investigate. She follows the girl do an appartement block in the village where she learns of people disappearing and decides to investigate further. She enlists the help of Jesus Lazlo who works with the girls mother and Kevin Soong, Shannon is unavailable to help due to a conference she has to attend.

Together they learn more about the peoply living in the appartement block and their problems, helping some of them in the process, among them the local youth gang, who are far less criminal then they try to appear.

In the end it turns out the culprit was the blocks caretaker, a man who displayed some strange powers before beeing overcome by the trio.


MaverickTheWild Andramus

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