Stories of Gotham City

Face Your Fears (4)

An Early Halloween

Saturday, October 18th 2014.

After hitting a dead end with JimmyNewtrons partner Raven, Bethany and Shannon decided to talk to Jimmy’s fiancée Annbell Hawkins. When they first met Annbell she is pregnant. Her apartment is a mixture of old rotten furniture and high tech appliances. But no computers.

Annbell tells them that Jimmy had a job that supplied them with good money and that he would never kill himself, for he now had the money for better anti-depressives and that he was looking forward to the birth of their kid.

She couldn’t tell for whom he worked but at least the general area, somewhere on Tricorner Island.

The street on Tricorner where Annbell usually dropped Jimmy of is a development area with new office buildings. But down the road are still some old factory buildings. The buildings of the Axis Chemicals facility catches their eye. They search the perimeter of the old factory and find Cranes lair. Two laptops, a chemical facility and storage room with two suspicious barrels.

Shannon and Bethany inform detective Marcus Driver of their findings. But then they must confront the Scarecrow. At first it has the upper hand but than Bethany calls upon the Splendor. Shannon unleashes her inner Engagement and Driver how just arrives in time becomes Justice for the first time. Together they behead Crane.

But Crane initiated his plan just before he attacked the two and infused his F.E.A.R. gas into the tunnels, causing the greatest domestic terrorism attack since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

The gas and its effects resulted in the deaths of 323 people and 123 injured. The was in a state of emergency for one week and cancelled all official Halloween events and the Gotham Zombie Apocalypse.


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