Stories of Gotham City

Face Your Fears (3)

Digital Code

Thursday, October 16th 2014.

Shannon and Bethany continue their research into the death of Avery Nelson. They discover that he was the person who initiated the renovation of the five oldest Gotham River tunnels and especially of their outdated ventilation systems. Also one of his closest friends and colleagues, Martin Freed, died some months ago on a heart attack.

Freed renewed the security systems of three bridges from the Gotham isles. He modernized the systems and centralized the controls at the Gotham City Central Traffic Control.

The two report their findings to Detective Marcus Driver who says he would look into it and toss their findings as “gut feelings” to the FBI.

Friday, October 17th 2014.

They came up with the idea, that Crane would need a hacker of some sorts, if he was planning an attack on the tunnels. They ask Driver about deaths in the hacker scene or in other computer related areas.

He came up with Washington Norris, a programmer at Liquid Solutions, Inc., a software firm responsible for the development and maintenance of the computer systems of the Gotham City Traffic Control. He died three month ago on a heart attack.

A second possibility was Robert “JimmyNewtron” Smith, a hacker who committed suicide by walking into traffic. Shannon and Bethany decided to sniff out Roberts associates. He had a fiancĂ©e, Annbell Hawkins, and a partner Martin “Raven” Poe. They decide to question Raven and sought him out in his usual place, an underground club for hackers and nerds called Byte.

But to their disappointment Raven seems to know nothing.


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