Stories of Gotham City

Face Your Fears (2)

Tunnels and Bridges

Monday, October 13th 2014.

Bethany is woken by Marcus Driver who gives her a heads up that the FBI is going to visit her. Apparently the fingertip dispenser contained a nerve gas that killed two employees of the forensic department putting a third into hospital, setting of the alarms at the Homeland Security.

The FBI agents interrogate her, asking if she could remember anything new. Than they show her three pictures and ask her if she recognizes anyone. And she does! One of them is Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow. Crane is recognized by the Homeland Security as an inland terrorist because auf his way he kills people.

But Bethany’s client Avery Nelson was not Cranes typical victim. He was not uneducated and stupid, he was well educated and interested. He was the head of Maintenance and Equipment of the Gotham City Department of Tunnels and Bridges.

Bethany is intrigued by this. She feels that there is more to it but can not see the connections.

She tells Shannon who had a fairly hard day at the museum. The first day after her vacation and than she had a fight with Professor Satchmore, head curator of the Egypt Department about the move of the two departments. The fight went so far that the executive director of the museum Charles Emmerson had to intermediate. Later that day she finds an article in the Gotham Gazette about the Clearlight Orphanage, that burned to the ground the other night. All the children died in the fire.

They decide to look into the matter, researching Nelson, Crane and everything related to the incident.

Tuesday, October 14th 2014.

Bethany and Shannon spend most of their time with research. Bethany researches Avery and finds out his profession, his workplace and position. But most of the time she is more or less researching a new client of hers, Charles ‘Chuck’ Taggert, rising football star of the Gotham City Knights.

Shannon is looking into Crane but mostly just finds the “standard” information about him and a lot of theories about him.

Wednesday, October 15th 2014

Bethany is preparing for her client for the evening. It is the Gotham City Sports Stars for Children in Need Gala, a cooperative event between the Martha Wayne Foundation and the Gotham City Knights football team.

Shannon is also at the event. Formerly she went with her father but since he is… inconvenient at the moment she was planning not to go. But an old friend of her Persephone Swank, trainer of the women La Crosse team of the Gotham State University, invited her since her husband is tangled up in work.

During the gala a Viktor Zeisen holds a speech. He is the director of the Clearlight Institute, the head organization, that owned the Clearlight Orphanage. He holds and inspiring plea to supporting the weakest of society, the children.

After the gala Bethany had a… nice night with Chuck…


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