Stories of Gotham City

Face Your Fears (1)

Of Rats, Woods And Windows

Wednesday, October 8th 2014. It’s an fairly ordinary day in Gotham City. The weather is a bit forecast an a bit of fog is coming from the Gotham Bay.

Shannon is just back from her trip to her cousin Ronan, how lives in Kalispell, Montana. She took her motorbike for the trip and is now taking it to Quinn’s Garage for a little inspection.

Quinns day was a quiet one. But around noon he had a strange customer how brought him a 1958 Chevrolet Impala 348 Convertible. The car had a worn out engine but every bit of the car (even the worn out parts) seam to come straight out of the factory.

Bethany just moved in her new apartment in Coventry. She sits between what seems to be countless boxes of her stuff and is not very motivated to unpack them… on the other hand it’s her new apartment!

Later that evening she has a client. So at four o’clock she stops unpacking and starts dressing up for him.

Her client, an Avery Nelson, is just over 50, works for the city and likes to play wedding anniversary in the memory of his wife once a year.

Bethany arrives at his apartment block at ten to seven am. She steps into the elevator and nearly bumps into a tall, skinny UPS driver who is just leaving. Arriving at Averys apartment Bethany sees that the door is ajar. Carefully she opens the door and sees signs of a struggle. Knocked over chairs, broken decoration and vases, a crashed window… and a little carton box near the door. The box contains a dead rat and some sort of fingertip dispenser.

Bethany picks up the dispenser und uses it to smell the bitter, chemical odor of it content than leaves the apartment to avoid the police.

But she’s followed! She can’t see anyone in the corridor but there’s always somebody behind her. No matter in what direction she turns, she can’t shake her pursuer. She tumbles into the elevator but her pursuer jumps onto the roof of the cabin and tries to force his way in. At the ground floor the elevator doors open into a dark, grim wood.

She takes her chances with the woods and escapes the elevator. But there she was the little child again. Lost in the woods, far from her parents and frighten by the strange noises of the wood. She lays down to give in but than she sees the light signals of a patrol car through the trees. She motivates her again, stands up and fights her way through the trees to a door that lead her to the street…

Some minutes before Quinn did a little bit of easy riding, when in the Upper Westside suddenly a tall, skinny UPS driver steps in front of his motor bike and forces him to make a hard brake. Quinn seems to know the guy from somewhere but can’t quite put him. Than someone crashes through a window of the third floor of the building besides him.

A guy smashes face forward on the sidewalk and a little bit of chaos arouses. Quinn takes his cell and calls the police that arrives several minutes later accompanied by an ambulance. An officer takes Quinns personal data when Bethany in shock stumbles through the door of the apartment building. An other officer places her in the care of one of the paramedics who takes her into the hospital.

There she phones Shannon, who comes to her “rescue”. But Det. Marcus Driver arrives and order the two of them or report to him the next day.

Thursday, October 9th 2014.

The night before Quinn was ordered to give his statement about the incident at the police station. Arriving there he is informed that a detective Driver form Major Crimes has taken over the investigation and Quinn has to go to the GCPD headquarters and talk to Driver.

At GCPD HQ Driver takes Quinn statement and takes notice of the UPS driver when Bethany and Shannon arrive. Driver is quite startled about the fact that Quinn and Shannon know each other and instantly suspects something “fishy” about the case.

Than Bethany gives her statement. She mentions the fingertip dispenser and the effect the content had on her. Driver than makes a quick call to evidence to handle the dispenser with care and to bring it to forensics at once.

After her statement Bethany and Shannon decide to visit Quinn…


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