“Gotham City − A Refuge! A Stronghold! A Fortress!”

These where the words that judge Solomone Zebediah Wayne used to describe the dream that he had for his city. They were first told to the young and unknown architect Cyrus Pinkney in 1868. Zebediah Wayne wanted the city (at that time stagnating) to “rise from its ashes” an take its “rightful place in American history” back. And Pinkney gave the judge what he wanted. He designed over 40 tower buildings, adorned with gargoyles and frescos, that rose up to 220 meters into the sky of Gotham City, giving the city its unique and worldwide famous skyline.
Thanks to Zebediah Wayne und Cyrus Pinkney is Gotham City today one of Americas larges commercial and cultural centers. The Gotham metropolitan area had gross national product of approximately $ 900.5 billion in 2010. Over 40 million tourists visit the city every year, there are several large cultural and music festivals taking place in the city over the year, over 400 museums and approximately 2,000 theatres, cinemas and music halls making the city bussing with live every day.

But when the night falls onto the city, the world in the shadows grows lager, creeping into the streets and buildings. Reaching from millennia old tombs and ruins of an ancient lost culture, buried deep beneath the city and from the Abyss itself, to get a hold in the world again…

Stories of Gotham City

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